Run Stephen Run!


I grew up thinking I wasn’t athletic.  I wasn’t super coordinated when it came to sports.  I was always the last one picked even for dodgeball.  I was an awkward little kid that was way more comfortable behind a guitar than I was with a ball at my feet or a bat in my hands.  Maybe because I just never really tried hard enough.  Anyway – I’ve moved into my adult life with this idea that my identity just doesn’t include anything physical.  A year and a half ago I started wanting to get into better shape.  I was feeling ugly and sedentary.  There were plenty of other things going on at that time that helped fuel that thought but I started wondering what would happen if I just tried and even just for a second let go of some of the fears I had about trying something “athletic”.  It took me a year but I decided to run.  I also decided that even though I was scared out of my mind I wanted to snowboard.  And so I launched myself forward into both.  I committed to trying to get myself down a mountain at least 3 times and I committed to trying to run a 5K race.  Here is what I found………

I’m not what I thought I was.  I actually am athletic.  I caught on to snowboarding quite quickly and loved it so much that I’ve been up to the mountain almost 10 times this year.  I’ve run 2 5K races so far and have started running a 5K distance at least once a week. 

I guess the point is – I let people and circumstances tell me who I was and never tried to build an identity for myself.  That’s a dangerous road and got me right where I didn’t want to be: in the middle of no where.  It’s certainly easier to let the world tell you who you are but I’m pretty sure that the answer is always the same for everyone – your ugly, you’re not good enough, you’re not _______ fill in the blank.  And it’s not true.  So what I’m left with at the end of the day is just Stephen.  I’m not a musician or a runner or a snowboarder or anything else.  I’m just Stephen and I’ve chosen to play and write music and I have chosen to run and I have chosen to snowboard but if I choose at anytime to stop doing those things I know I am still just Stephen like I was when I started and I’m ok with that.


~ by Stephen Baker on June 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Run Stephen Run!”

  1. Just letting you know I’ve read this like 5 times already.

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