Hold Fast

Everything is going to change.  It’s already set in motion.  Nothing can stop it or change it’s course.  The horizon before us is even now showing the signs of the storm.  The beautiful morning sky has given way to ominous clouds.  Smooth waters have changed to white capped seas.  But the destination must be reached.  So hold fast!  Steady be your hands.  Sharp be your eyes.  Strong be your arms.  Set this course hard and hold fast.  Do not let sleep overtake you.  There will be no shelter.  The storm will not relent until it’s taken what it desires.  So hold fast lest your home become the belly of this revolting monster.  Just hold fast.


~ by Stephen Baker on April 15, 2011.

One Response to “Hold Fast”

  1. Yes!! Hold Fast!! Thank you Barbosa.

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