TalcKamp Update

TalcKamp 2009Sorry I wasn’t able to update as much as I wanted to from the camp.  Cell phone reception was pretty spotty and there was only one place in town to get WiFi (lucky that there was even that) and there just wasn’t a lot of time to make it over there.  Anyway – This year, as expected, was amazing.  We never know exactly how it’s going to play out but went knowing there was a plan far greater than we could plan.  We expected that but somehow it’s still a little surprising when it happens.  The change we saw in the kids was tangible.  As is the change we’ve seen in ourselves.

Thursday night we started with a worship concert.  This year the kids seemed to be more expectantLeading Worship.  Some of them even ready to worship.  We, of course, had to work hard to get them involved but by the end we had them jumping and clapping and shouting!!  One of the days of the camp we did a “What is Worship” workshop (I’ll post my thoughts on “what is worship” in another post) and after that day we saw a lot more kids involved.  Something we had to remind ourselves is that the majority of these kids didn’t have a relationship with Jesus yet.  It’s really quite amazing that they would even show up to a camp like this!  But they did!

There were 37 kids – 10 of the them accepted Christ for the first time!  All but 1 wanted to know more or at least have a conversation with one of the leaders.  We all got a chance to meet one on one with some of the kids and really get to hear their stories.  It’s amazing what a teenager will tell you when they realize your just waiting to hear them.

So this year we walk away again with just as much change as the kids.  I’m still sorting it all out but I’m really just amazed at how God uses us when we just go.  We went with a specific set of skills but we were really there to live with some kids for a long weekend and help speak truth into their lives.  God is already working there and we got to plug into that which is an amazing thing to watch happen.

We’re already planning and anxious for next year!!  Thank you for everyone who prayed and helped make this possible.  We love all of you!!!


~ by Stephen Baker on August 11, 2009.

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  1. Heys Its Erin wittenburg. I’ll be in portland this coming weekend visiting matt & holley. Maybe we can all get together for a beer or dinner! Let me know!

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