Rubber Meets The Road!

Tomorrow morning we will be tearing out of Portland at 6am.  The drive is going to take somewhere between 12 and 14 hours.  Long day of pounding the pavement!

I’m excited to get there.  This year even more than last year.  I think I have a lot of anticipation going into this year because of the amazing things God did in my heart last year.  Some of what I’ve been working through in the last couple weeks is the idea that God is working and He wants us to be a part of it but in order to be a part of it we have to start moving instead of sitting and waiting for something to just show up.  Several years ago we did that – we took a huge risk and it seemingly didn’t pay off.  We stepped out in faith and moved our family to Southern California.  When things didn’t work out like we thought they should I really started to loose faith.  Since then I’ve only allowed myself baby steps and even at that didn’t really allow for doing anything out of the ordinary.  In some ways this is another step towards that kind of faith.  Even though this isn’t a huge cliff we are jumping off of,  I am expecting God to move.  I’m expecting changed hearts and I’m expecting the biggest change to be in mine.  Last year when we did this camp I didn’t have any idea what God had in store and I was shocked.  This year I expect the change but have no idea of the what or the how, but I’m open and waiting.  Expectantly waiting.

Stay tuned – I will be doing my best to post updates with pictures along the way.  Can’t wait to tell the whole story!


~ by Stephen Baker on July 21, 2009.

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