I’m not sure I can explain why but I feel such an incredible joy.  Just got finished leading worship and the whole night was just joyful and incredible for me.  I walked in to the house and the kids were still singing “Oh Praise Him”.  That’s amazing!  I am more convinced than ever that this is a time to celebrate!

I shared this at Ethnos tonight but felt that I should let everyone hear it.  We as a “new generation” of Christians have made it very OK to shout at or to God when we’re angry.  We’ve allowed ourselves to take out our frustration on Him.  One thing in all of this that we have missed is shouting to Him in praise.  It’s not fair – It’s not right to leave this part out.  I am not saying it isn’t OK to bring Him your frustration – He wants that too but he desires our praise and our worship.  There is a time for lament.  I’m good at that.  The time is now to SHOUT to him with a voice of praise.  I am certain that this will complete my own healing process.  I am certain that as I lift my voice He will lift His as well.  I am even more convinced of all of this tonight as I watched just how contagious it is.  To hear your kids sing songs of praise and articulating their own worship to God with their tongues is simply amazing.  To watch them dance with reckless abandon regardless of what people around them think  is a vision into what is ahead.  I am excited about stepping forward into this.  It seems strange that this should be a new journey for me but it is.  Charlie Hall says it well: “This is a new year, This is a new day, to rise shine, lift up your eyes.  This is a new year, this is a new day to rise shine, and point the way to God’s great life.”  


~ by Stephen Baker on January 11, 2009.

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  1. Awesome!

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