Welcome To 2009!

So like so many times before I have meant to come and write and share but…….well there is a lot of blank pages so obviously it didn’t happen.  So we’re starting fresh here and we’ll see what happens!  

So if anyone is still reading – We have started leading worship again which has been great.  Playing with a great group of guys and it’s been fun.  Starting to work towards the camp that we did last year down in California with my brother.  I think that has quickly become a thing we will do every year and I’m looking forward to it even already.  Colleen is working downtown at Beau Monde Cosmetology school.  She is loving that.  I’m still working for Bank of America and making it through this very crazy economy.  The kids are loving school and they are all becoming rock stars on Rock Band.  

So 2008 was hard and crazy at times but one thing was persistent: God is in the business of restoration and rescue.  Those words are full of stories and of comfort for us as we head into this new year which holds so many uncertainties.  I feel like I can head in knowing that no matter what God loves me and will rescue me.  This is why He sent His Son.  I count myself fortunate to have felt His touch – to have seen His hands.  Without this last year and all of it’s trials I would not be able to see what I see now.  What a beautiful King we have – What an amazing love He has sent :: THIS IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE!


~ by Stephen Baker on January 10, 2009.

2 Responses to “Welcome To 2009!”

  1. Don’t know exactly why, but I have good feelings about this year. I like that, “God is in the business of restoration and rescue”. Sounds very good to me. Thanks for being part of leading us in worship!

  2. Good to hear 2009 starts out looking so good!

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