I wrote this in 2002 and had no idea it was about me nearly 6 years later.  

The day awoke with the heat pouring over the earthen floor
They awoke with the day
Sweat drenching the sheets
And the smell of the sun warming the small house
It’s a wonder this is the coolest part of the day
But it quickly gives way to the afternoon
And the unbearable feeling
Of the air squeezing itself around every last piece of cold
They sit on their porch
Mouths too dry to speak
The kids sit in the yard with the dog
Dreaming of anything cold
As the sun reaches it’s height and begins to fall back down
A small breeze begins
They pour water over their heads
And let the wind gently beat against their skin
All eyes turn
As a lone tumble weed dances across the desert’s sandy ground
The children stand and watch as if it were a strange man
The weed pauses as if to say hello
But with no answer continues on it’s way 
The sun sets
            And sleep is fitful
                         But such is life without God                              

~ by Stephen Baker on February 17, 2008.

One Response to “Prophecy”

  1. Sorry life seems to be so difficult right now.

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