Try It On Me

Try it on me
I’d be the one to tear it all down
I’d be the one to never build it back up
Yeah I’m the dogs at your heels
And the vultures at your death
So try this on me
I’ll find a way to make it angry
Your twisted questions
Require my silent answers
Cause it’s my lack of faith that makes me dangerous
Yeah – Your gonna feel these teeth
My silence is violence
It’s ripping what you’ve built up
Into shadows that only resemble
This loveless mess
I go too far – Everytime I go too far
Instead of rubble I leave holes
And it’s not fair – But it’s what you get
When you TRY this on me 

NOTE: I wrote this not so much where I’m at right now but more of what my anger has done in the past.  I think anger is okay but when people are listening and following it’s not and it’s not fair.  It can really mean whatever you want it to mean – it’s anger, it’s frustration.  It’s wanting something more but not knowing how to get there so taking it out on the world.  I don’t think I’ve figured it all out yet but here ya go…………….

~ by Stephen Baker on January 13, 2008.

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