Wow a lot of unwritten pages……….I guess this happens more often than I would like. So here is the update. It’s raining. It’s been raining a lot. Not that I’m not okay with it but it just seems like a lot after a lot of not raining in SoCal. Somehow the rain is comforting though. It’s a reason to stay inside and light a fire with the music on low and start to think. There is still a lot to think about. A lot to come to grips with. I can feel God’s hand in it all. More than I’ve felt in a long time. Maybe that sounds cliche or whatever but there is truth in it.

So just like it rains a lot here in Portland it rains in my life. I think this place is a metaphor for the life of Stephen. But it’s not really the rain that needs to be focused on. It’s what the rain creates and what it keeps alive. Tonight as I type these words that’s what I can’t help but think about and hope is true. Rob Bell and Nooma released a video (I think it was one of their first) that talked about the rain and the storms that we live through and how at the time it seemed like there was no way through to the end and that there was no one there to help us but the whole time God was holding on and bringing us to shelter. And maybe that is the most treasured times He has with us. The times we need Him the most. For those of you who have kids maybe you can relate. Some of my favorite times with my kids are when they are sick or scared and need me to hold them and tell them that it will be okay.

It’s nice to know that I’m not alone and this rain around me is just a sign that God is near.


~ by Stephen Baker on January 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “Rain”

  1. Wow, Stephen. What an incredible analogy. I love how when we’re in the midst of our earthly crap that God’s just saying “hey, let me take care of you.”

  2. Beautiful words. Thank you.

  3. It is the first video and it is still one of my favorites!

  4. Yeah, I saw that nooma, it was pretty good (although a little touchy-feely for me personally, and of course I’m annoyed at the mis-spelling — GRRRRRR — but still pretty good content)!

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