Life and Death : The Truth is Dangerous

I have a friend living in another country. He told a story on his Blog of a speaker coming to their church and his introduction was an odd one: “Our speaker today has a very credible and serious threat on his life so we are grateful that he is still with us… so please welcome …” The reason for the threat: Teaching the truth of Jesus Christ. Go read the whole story if you have the moment but all I can ask myself is: Would I continue if someone put a threat on my life? I really don’t think it gets more real than that!

Here is the link to Ryan’s post:

After reading this to my wife she came up with an amazing observation. I think it’s one that we’ve pondered before but hit home tonight. The truth is dangerous. So dangerous that people are giving their lives for it. So dangerous teachers and pastors feel they need to “water it down” for the masses. So dangerous that even it’s printed words are illegal and must be smuggled. Why so dangerous? Because the truth is a catalyst. A catalysts for change. It’s a change that counters worldly thought to such an extent that it scares us. It scares us so much that we are willing to hide it. We are willing to make it less than it is so it’s somehow acceptable in our societies. Something to think about for sure. Also something to think about when it comes to life and death. Which road is worth living?


~ by Stephen Baker on November 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Life and Death : The Truth is Dangerous”

  1. Good thoughts.

  2. When I read that post, I thought about the description of the guy “counting the days” until he would be killed. What it said to me is that the guy has already committed himself to going beyond the point of no return. He could probably run or shut up, but he knows he can’t do that without lying to himself. He has a ’til death do us part’ commitment to proclaiming truth. I hope to some day find myself beyond the point of no return.

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