Sunday Morning

I’m trying again
But everything inside me screams
I’m new here and stand out
The people are friendly
But it almost feels like
Vultures and fresh meat

I’m offered sacrament
But just can’t partake
Mostly because I can’t shake
This feeling – I don’t belong here

He talks about setting free burdens and sin
My lungs start to constrict
And my heart beats fast
I just don’t want to hear it
Not like this
Not here
Cause they don’t know me
This isn’t where healing is made

I want that touch
I want to hear His Voice
But not in church
Not with religion attached

This must be part of the journey
But I’m ready for some direction
I just can’t imagine that this is real
It’s all so canned
So contrived
Yeah I think I’m done
I’ve had enough of this…………….


~ by Stephen Baker on October 14, 2007.

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