More Church?

I’ve been thinking a lot about church and the “Post Modern” movement and new churches that seem to be sprouting out everywhere. Home churches, small churches even mega churches. I guess I’ll just be blunt and ask: what’s the point? I guess it’s something new. I guess it’s speaking to a new generation. But what makes an effective church? Is it a good band? Is it a Disneyland style kids “ministry”? I think the point is changed lives right? First ours maybe? Because isn’t church really the people? But even though we talk about that it seems like people aren’t interested in opening that door. And even I am that person sometimes. But I think if we’re not willing to live along side of other people we’ll never really get it. But is it more than that? Is there a place in church for our neighbors and our co-workers and our friends and _______ (fill in the blank)? This is the part that is hardest for me. I’m not sure that I understand exactly where those people fit into the way church currently looks. I’m not sure that I know where I fit into church. I have heard some amazing stories. My good friend Ross was telling me a story about talking to one of his co-workers who started coming to his church in Kentucky (and just as a side question: Ross is one of the biggest metal heads I know. And Kentucky? Really Ross? I’m suprised they haven’t hung you up as the devil himself!!!). The story was amazing to me because this friends life was changed. It really just took Ross being willing to step out on a limb and share his life. Not only that but his community being willing to do the same thing. But that’s what we’re called to do right? So then why is it so hard to look past the skin and look deeper. What about your friends that are gay? What about your friends that have been hurt by church? What about ________ (again fill in the blank)?

I wrote the following one Sunday morning as I was thinking about all of this:

We run around trying to act this thing out
We call it different because of art and tattoos
But the method is the same
You know exactly what to expect
The worst part is that we talk about the truth
We even act like we’re better somehow than the rest
But we never make it reality
We leave this place unchanged – uneffected
The truth is stuck in our heads
And the walls of this place
It has to be bigger than just this
It has to mean more than just this
‘Cause this sucks

I guess what I’m really asking is how do we really go about affecting the people around us? How do we go about really being a community? Maybe what I’m asking is: Is there a church for people who don’t like church?


~ by Stephen Baker on September 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “More Church?”

  1. First of all, Kentucky has plenty of metal. Sometimes it’s a little bit redneck metal, and it speaks volumes that people wouldn’t mind me saying that, but it is what it is. And it is Kentucky.

    A church for people who don’t like church? HECK YEAH! But you have to come to Kentucky. And frankly, if you’re used to California church, we’re probably not doing anything different. Sadly, Kentucky church culture has set the bar pretty low for us. Don’t get me wrong — we do a bang-up job — but if we sucked and invited people, they’d still come and say “Wow, that was WAY better than when I had to go with my Grandma as a kid!”

    As for reaching into people’s lives — that’s it right there. By FAR the biggest issue that I think most churches/church people have is failing to look outside of themselves and into the lives of the people around them. Nobody cares if you can list all the Minor Prophets — probably even Nahum himself isn’t impressed. What impresses ME is when people USE what they ALREADY KNOW — love the Lord your God, and love your neighbor. It really ain’t rocket science here you cats,, so let’s get to it, eh?

    And go Sooners . . . .

  2. that really hits the nail, stephen. i think the thing that bums me out the most about scu closing it’s doors, is that before things started going south, we WERE living alongside people and we WERE effecting lives and we WERE being honest, transparent and real. i know the experience changed smsmh’s and my life. i think the problem that we run into in situations like those, though, is that the church is made up of people. and people are messy. now if we could just do church without the people, then we’d have it made! hehe

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