The Show In Review : San Francisco

On Wednesday night one of the guys I met in class and I decided to try to find some live music.  We decided that Jazz would just put us to sleep and what we really needed were some beers and good rock n’ roll!  We went downstairs to the concierge and asked where we should go.  It didn’t take her long to point us in the right direction.  We headed down towards Castro on the ‘F’ Line and wandered around until we found the bar: Café De Nord.  It was a little hole in the wall.  Actually it was a basement.  There was a small cover, $12.  Great beer.  I had a couple Dead Guy Ales brewed by The Rouge Brewery. 

Ok onto the bands.  When we walked in there was a band playing called Built For The Sea.  It had an interesting sound.  Almost as if you were out on the open sea with a tinge of something that sounded like The Verve or Superdrag and then a little dash of Death Cab For Cutie except with a female vocalist.  Her voice was good.  Just enough rasp and then velvet.  She also played the piano/keyboard which was used more for the low range as they didn’t have a bass player.  The guitarist was very methodical and deliberate about the chords he choose and the strings he choose.  The drummer was just as deliberate and I think that’s something that I look for more than anything in a drummer.  I like music that is well thought out and that back beat is so important.  All in all not a bad band. Second was a guy named Ryan Auffenberg.  He had a pretty good band backing him up as well.  He is a San Francisco Local artist and definitely brought that vibe to the evening.  The first song was a little shaky as far as his vocals but I think it was due to the monitor mix because the rest of the night he was dead on.  Like I said his band was good but of note was his lead guitar player.  He brought it!  His solos were perfect paths through the days of southern rock.  Laid back but full of energy.  It felt like any minute he might let loose and blow roof off.  Unfortunately he held back but all in all very good.  Ryan’s parents had come to visit and to watch their son’s show.  We talked to them a little bit and it was fun to see how proud they were.  You could tell they more than supported him, especially when you could see his dad singing along.   

Next up: The Watson Twins of Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins .  They were two girls who were okay.  I can say that their vocals were excellent but the rest was a bit lacking.  Coming off of the first 2 bands made them seem a little less credible.  None the less still a good time. Finally and by no means last: Willy Mason.  Okay this guy has got a long career ahead of him.  This guy had it all.  He got up on the stage by himself and his guitar.  With no apology he started and it was if Johnny Cash had entered the room.  The thing to keep in mind is Willy is only 19 years old.  He is pretty much booked all the way out into November including a good stint in the
UK.  His guitar was beat up and well used.  Even his strings sounded dull which just added to the beautiful mystery of this young kid.  His lyrics are intelligent and well thought out.  Watch out for this guy – he’ll leave a mark for sure! 

All in all a great show with good beer and good company!  And if you happen to be in
San Francisco check out Café De Nord! 


~ by Stephen Baker on March 5, 2007.

4 Responses to “The Show In Review : San Francisco”

  1. Sounds like you are having fun.

  2. Nice time it sounds. You’d love the music scene in Austin. If you ever are going, let me know. I’ll go, too.

    When do we get to talk again?

  3. do you have an rss feed for this blog?

  4. miss ya

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