San Francisco

Wow this trip started out pretty crazy!  Catching a plane was a bit of a task.  There is a lot of bad weather on the east coast and so a lot of flights had been canceled.  I met people who had been waiting at the airport since early in the morning and were just waiting on standby for a flight that would just take them anywhere they could get.  My plane was delayed by an hour which isn’t horrible.  When I got to San Francisco my parents met me at the airport and drove me into the city to check into my hotel.  When I arrived at the hotel they told me that they didn’t have a room booked for me at all.  This of course was not what I wanted to hear!  I didn’t know what else to do so I just put it on a credit card and I would figure it out in the morning.  Well yesterday I found that I had been sent to the wrong hotel and that I was supposed to be staying at The Argent.  How confusing can it get!  So at my lunch break I went and checked out of one hotel and into another.  What was waiting for me at The Argent though was incredible!!  The view was amazing!  Everything was very modern and there was a window that went from wall to wall and floor to ceiling.  Also keep in mind I was on the 28th floor!  I had a view of the city and the bay.  Incredible.   Training has been okay.  It’s training and we’ll see.  I’ve met some cool people and so all in all not for nothing.  I am missing my wife and kids though!!  I am looking forward to seeing all of their smiling faces!! 



~ by Stephen Baker on February 25, 2007.

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  1. Very happy for ya

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