The Show In Review : Rose’s Pawn Shop
Colleen and I went out last night with some friends to check out some local live music. We all hooked up before at a place called Cafe Tutu Tango at the block in Orange. It’s a very interesting “artsy” place in a very unsuspecting part of town (The Block seems to be a bunch of emo and pop punk kids). When I walked in there was a guy painting a picture. We sat down and the whole menu was appatisers. Pretty cool and the food was good. Great service too.

Anyway – on to the show: Rose’s Pawn Shop
These guy’s are somehow bluegrass in the bodies of young rockers (even complete with a Misfits cover). We saw them at The Juke Joint in Anaheim. Not the best sound. It’s a great little hole in the wall/seedy/smokey bar that was perfect for the music. Anyway – these guys all are masters of their trades. The line up was a lead singer who also played acoustic guitar/a Mandolin and Fiddle player/Banjo and electric guitarist/Upright Bass player/Drummer. So you’ve really got to go and check them out for yourself but they’ve got this sound that may be labled as country by some but really spits on the confines of it while respecting it at the same time. Their songs all tell a story and pull you in like you were there. When you think Bluegrass these days the band that seems to have made it was Nickle Creek – don’t compare the two! This is the difference between a cool punch on a sunny afternoon and a whiskey neat and a cigarette. Don’t wear your Sunday’s best to see these guys – no this is a party! In a qoute from a review on their site:

With an arsenal of banjos, guitars, mandolin, fiddle, pedal steel, upright bass and thundering drums their sound is a wholesome mishmash of creek mud, rusty nails and your moms cookin.

Check em’ out!


~ by Stephen Baker on February 12, 2007.

One Response to “The Show In Review : Rose’s Pawn Shop”

  1. Sounds like a fascinating group!

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