Again………it’s been too long!

Work has consumed me! I never did tell you that I’ve stayed at my current job. I wanted to give it some more time and see where things go there at Countrywide not to mention that the market is not making it a good time to move to a new job. I really need to stick with this a little longer. With that said I’m really busy with new business. I am working 7 days a week for about a month or so on a project out in Azusa, CA. It’s about an hour (more with traffic) drive from home. I’m staying out there at least one night a week and it’s starting to get draining but it’s just for a month. Hopefully the payoff will be worth it!!!

Other than that I have had a real burst of inspiration. It feels like it used to even as much as 5 years ago when I could sit down with my guitar and write a new song every time. That is starting to happen again and a new album is on the way for sure. I may have talked about it before but it’s the “What Comes After Zero” concept. I’ll explain more as it gets closer. Anyway – we’re working on that. Hopefully start recording soon.

Anyway – that is all for now. Wanted to give you all the update.


~ by Stephen Baker on December 3, 2006.

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  1. Hey there. The link is in the title as you click on it.

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