Invisible Children Benefit Concert

My good friend Damian came down to visit this last week and we decided to find a show to hang out at. We ended up at the Gypsy Lounge and saw a couple bands. It was turned out to be a benefit concert for Invisible Children. Check out their site: It was all started by some kids who shot a movie. I’ve seen parts of it before and it is very moving. I really sugest checking these guys out. They are sheding light on Uganda and the 20 year war that is still going. Children are being abducted for all sorts of horrible things and so they are forced to hide or be caught by abductors. They are made to fight, taken as sex slaves, etc. Check it out!

So the show:
We stayed for 2 1/2 of the bands. The first was Jenn Grinels. She has a great voice. She has a range that is just amazing. Good guitar skills as well. She got a very singer/song writer type feel with a bit of jazz and rock and folk all mixed in. Inteligent lyrics and all around really good show. I’d like to see her in a situation where I could hear more of her music. Anyways Damian and both liked her the best.

John Ryan played next and had a real interesting mix of brittish sounding chops. You could hear The Beatles, The Killers, Etc. A couple of their songs were really great. I’m not sure if it was just the room or what but their was just too much sound. The lead guitarist seemed to be playing a different song most of the time and so it ended up sounding kind of un-rehearsed even if that was the way it was supposed to be played. I think I liked the songs I heard on line better than the ones that I heard live. Again it could have been the venue.

The last band we saw play was Gimic. As they were setting up our interest was peaked. They had a lot of instruments: Mandolins, lap steel, assortments of electric and acoustic guitars, big drum kit, huge bass rig, piano. It was also an interesting mix of people. There was a guy dressed in a mariachi outfit. Everyone else was dressed very plainly so it seemed kind of funny. The most amazing thing about this band was the rythm section. Wow! The drummer was really good and was always on and the bass player was right there with him. The bass player had some serious chops and really knew his way around that bass. He had his tone really dialed in too. He was playing through a 4×10 Ampeg Cab. I couldn’t tell what kind of amp he was using. His bass was new to me as well. It looked like a Carvin and had lights on the side to show where the frets were. At first I thought that was cheating a bit but when I heard him play I quickly decided it didn’t matter. The rest of the band was just kind of a wierd mix that I just couldn’t get into. The first song was cool. Acoustic driven with the lap steel and some nice flourishes of an electric. The second song started out big and I thought that maybe we were going to hear Korn play. From there it just kept switching all over the place which is OK but too much for me, at least that night.

Anyway over all a really good time. Check out the invisible children. It’s worth a little time to see what their up to!


~ by Stephen Baker on November 13, 2006.

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  1. Sounds like you had a good time and kept very busy!

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