Space For Beautiful

It’s all numbers and I conform
Just to make a dime –
I cover up all inspiration
So now I’m always just angry
I’ve traded spiritual for Monetary – Oh so momentary
So now the shadow of this thing
Is way too big to hide
But I try – I make believe
And no one askes because they do it too

When I strip off layers
Like suits and ties
They ask why
Why would you attack your nervous system
With pens and needles
That leave permanent scars
I can’t explain
Because only I understand
This spot right here and now

All I can say is
It’s like a ship in the sea
Carving out a space
Creating room no matter what the consequence
No matter what the distruction
Making room for something beautiful
Even if it isn’t until the end
Cause it might take to the end
To understand what beautiful is
And that’s all I want –
To understand

So I wear it like sleeves
And I make it blatant like a
Statement not a question
Some things are more important
Like understanding


~ by Stephen Baker on October 15, 2006.

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