School has begun

Well, yesterday morning we woke early to Get our oldest son (Leif) off to his first day of Kindergarten.  We didn’t think it would be all that hard but it was.  Earlier in the week we went to a meeting at his school and met his teacher.  We were able to peak into his room and see his name tag set up on his desk.  Kinda weird.  And then yesterday morning we found his tag outside.  We put it around his neck.  I made him stop for a picture and then we sent him off into his room and had to walk away.  You start asking yourself – well maybe I didn’t teach him everything he needs to know.  Will he know how to behave in a classroom?  Will the other kids in his class be mean to him?  How do I protect him if I’m not there?  All of that mixed with – I’m not old enough to have a kid in kindergarten!  It was just a week ago that I was holding this perfect little baby in my arms wondering if I’d make a good father.  Now almost 6 years later I’m sending him off for his first day of school.  Weird.  That’s all I can really say about it.  Weird and emotional. 


~ by Stephen Baker on September 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “School has begun”

  1. It seems like only yesterday you were in the basement apartment. We were packing the car to go to South City Diner.
    Boy how times have changed.

  2. No kidding – those were good times. Not that now isn’t just REALLY different!

  3. Yeah I think even more than separation anxiety on the first day of kindergarten…it is kids getting upset cause they are vibing of their parents fear and trepidation.

    Congrats on a big step toward having your child raised.

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