Is it Friday Yet!?

I usually don’t rant about work here but  I just realized it is only Wednesday and it feels like Friday!  I do have to say that I love my job more than I ever have before which is a great thing!  It’s nice to wake up and feel good about what your doing!  I haven’t felt that about work until now.  BUT: It’s the end of the month and for anyone who knows this kind of business it gets nutty at the end of the month trying to get all of the last minute deals closed.  I’ve had 2 this month that felt like they would never close.  One is done.  One is close.  I have to have the borrower resign everything that they had already signed which really sucks for them and I feel real bad about it.  So anyway – it feels like it should be Friday and it’s not!  I think I need a beer!!!

On a better note – I was able to take Colleen out on a date last night!  It’s not very often that we get out without the kids but I was able to find some babysitting and surprise Colleen with a drive down to Newport Beach where we ate at The Bluwater Grill.  Great food, Awesome setting.  It’s right in the harbour and so you get to look at all of the huge yachts and dream about what life would be like out on the open seas!  We then took a stroll around the area (had to find cash for the valet).  After we left we drove into Costa Mesa and had coffee and desert at The Gypsy Den.  Also a very cool spot.  A cool NW feel.  Very down to earth.  Anyways it was a nice night out so we sat outside and talked some more before heading home.  What a great night.  It just made me realize how I need to make a lot more time for nights out with my beautiful wife!  It’s imperative to get away from all the craziness of home and share some peaceful moments away. 


~ by Stephen Baker on August 31, 2006.

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  1. Sounds nice.

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