It’s Been Awhile………

Ok – I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted here.  And there are so many things to tell.  So many thoughts that I’ve been mulling over.  I think I’d like to tell a short story though.  A couple Mormon girls dropped by the house a few months ago.  They were extremely persistent and I think since we were nice to them they just kept coming back and asking to sit down with us so they could tell us what they believed.  We finally told them they could come over one evening and we talked for a couple hours and then they would come every other week to talk to us.  Now before you think that I’m going to tell you that we are converting :: We’re NOT!   Well even in our conversations they were very persistent maybe because they thought we would really consider converting or maybe just because we let them into the house and were nice to them.  I tried really hard to be nice and I listened with an open mind but really the stuff they were spouting was very hard to swallow.  We have finally asked them to stop coming because we aren’t getting anywhere.  They aren’t going to see it our way and we aren’t going to see it their way so we’re just running in circles.  In fact they started getting really pushy wanting us to make a decision so we made it!  Anyway – all of this to say that I do have respect for them and what they believe and have found that they do have at least one thing right.  Their willingness to be servants and to help no matter what the task.  They make themselves available to anyone who needs help.  Even to go deeper than that they know how to take care of each other.  They work very hard to make sure that all of their brothers and sisters are taken care of and are not in need.  It made me want to cry because I don’t try that hard and I wonder how hard our “Christian” church’s work to make this happen.  Instead of looking for places that need help or love we kind of just force our way into things that we think need to be done without even asking (this is such a generalization it’s not even funny but it’s what I see).  Do we think that we know best since we know the real God?  Does that make us somehow better and all seeing?   

I’ve said this before but I’m tired of going to church and I’m tired of trying to make people come to church.  I would rather bring Jesus out of the church and into the world.  I’m tired of walking into a church building and seeing “fat” people around me.  People who just sit in pews and never venture out of the covering we’ve made so accessible.  We’ve got it all don’t we?  Music, Stores, Clothes.  You can even find the Christian plumber in the phone book by looking for the little fish.    I just bought a “new” used car.  The previous owner set every single preset in the car to a Christian radio station.  As I was thumbing through the owner’s manual I found a track cleverly tucked away for me to find.  What!??  Really!??  Is this what we’ve been reduced to?  Hiding behind walls like we’re at war even with our best friends?  Throwing grenades and running so that no one knows that we’re the enemy?   This is the part that I can really respect in regards to the Mormon walk.   I don’t necessarily like how they go about it…….no one wants that knock on the door!  None the less they are there and serious about what they believe.  Anyway – all that just got me thinking about what I’m doing or not doing to share God with the people around me and also a challenge to how I am Jesus to the world around me.  How are the people I am close with or even just come in contact with on a regular basis see Jesus through me?  Or do I really have anything to do with it other than being in the right place at the right time and be willing to be involved in whatever God brings my way?  Does that mean leaving propaganda in a car or go knocking on someones door?  Is there just one way to share Jesus? 


~ by Stephen Baker on August 22, 2006.

One Response to “It’s Been Awhile………”

  1. Ok…this may sound cheesy…but as far as evangelism goes…I think Becoming a Contagious Christian has a lot of good points on different styles of sharing one’s faith in a relational context.

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