Church like NA

So I’ll get right to it. I’ve been searching for a long time for church that makes sense. I’ve said it on here before but the whole model of church just rubs me the wrong way right now. For the last 10 years I’ve been trying to put some understanding to what I am feeling inside. Even some words to what was running around in my brain. Little bits have leaked out but I still wrestle with how I feel when I step into just about any church and how I feel when it’s all so predictable and how I feel when I leave. I can pretty much tell you right now how a Sunday would look from start to finish if I choose to be in a church. I don’t like it. I feel cheated. A lot of times I feel like I’m getting close but never get to really dig into the rawness of what’s really out there. Of what’s really God.

So I just got off the phone with a really good friend of mine that is in NA. Here is a qoute from him: “People who go to an NA meeting have already figured out that they are no better than the next guy.” Shouldn’t we accept the same truth when we enter a church? Should it matter how the next guy dresses? Should it matter what college he graduated from? Should it matter if he ever made it out of High School? Should it matter what kind of house or car or what kind of job he has? Shouldn’t it be good enough to know that when we step into a place set aside for God that we know we’re all in the same place and on the same level? What if church looked like an NA meeting? What if we could share what was real and what was pain and was happiness and joy?

I am going to check out a few NA meetings. Let me know if you want to join me…………………


~ by Stephen Baker on July 14, 2006.

5 Responses to “Church like NA”

  1. I think sometimes it has to do more with what is happening within ourselves than then what others are thinking about us. For example, if we think that we are less then others in the church then we may project our own feelings about ourselves onto what we think others are thinking about us, even if they really aren’t. And I am, of course, not saying this is the case all the time, but I have seen it happen. And on the contrary, if we go in with the belief, as you said, that we are all sinners and not better or worse than anybody else then we will have a completely different experience. Does that make sense? Do you think I am off base?

  2. I think you have a good point. And my statements were certainly not based on all churches. It was a blanket statement. For example I did not expierience this at South County. On the contrary there. Anyway – I think all of us (I am guilty of it too) size people up the second we meet them though. I think most of us know within a few moments of meeting someone if we want to persue a relationship or not. And most of the time this isn’t something we do on purpose it just is. So I’m saying be aware of that thought process and go against it knowing that people’s outside don’t often reflect what is really on the inside. So I see where your coming from – we also have to make an effort to walk in not immediatly thinking that your going to be looked down on. I still love the model of an NA or AA meeting and am looking forward to going as well as looking hard at the 12 steps and relating it back to more of spiritual health and our walk with Jesus. Anyway……………

  3. Agreed :o)

    I have definitely been guilty of sizing people up too and making opinions about them before even meeting them, but interestingly enough as I reflect I realize that I don’t remember doing it at a church function (not so say I haven’t, just don’t remember it), but realize that I do it often outside the “church” setting. This isn’t good. Wait…I think that I have just decided that I don’t like self reflection! No, but seriously, I need to work on that.

    Thanks for making me think, Stephen!

  4. Made any visits yet?

  5. I believe in God but not religion. Especially Christianity which is based on corruption and lies.

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