Where Do You Stand?

Last night we had dinner with some friends. Good people. The conversation turned to religion and politicks which would usually kill the night but with them it just made it more fun I think. And it’s not like we agree either so it’s nice to have a healthy banter back and forth. We started talking about abortion which is a hard issue. As a form of birth control I think it’s pretty cut and dry for me. No question I am not OK with that. BUT: what about the girl who is raped by her father and becomes pregnant? What about that? I was thinking that if my wife was raped and became pregnant I don’t know that I could live with that. 9 months of her carrying this baby? I know a family that did. If I’m not mistaken they even kept the child. So it can be done but it would surely change the course of your life forever not to mention your marriage. I guess my point is that life is life……does it matter how that life was brought here? It’s no less important. One of the things said last night was: If a baby is conceived then God has a plan. What if that child was born and became a catalyst for change. What if that child found the cure to cancer or AIDS. What if that child made a difference for women who have been raped. What if? And the rebuttal: What if that child can’t deal with the life dealt them and they go crazy and murder 5 people before committing suicide? I can’t argue that point. I still stand by my conviction but at the same time I wonder how I could stand by that conviction if it happened to me.

I guess that brings me to my point. It is good to know where you stand on these tough issues but understand that life deals us blows bigger than we know what to do with sometimes. Judgment of the people who do choose something we’re against should not make them unlovable. In fact quite the opposite. So should we stand out with signs protesting the issues today: Abortion, Gay Marriage, The War, Etc. I think not. Again it is good to know where you draw the line but do you think that Jesus would be on the picket line? I don’t. I think he would be there right in the fray. Not condoning the actions of the world but having compassion on them and showing them God. Grace – Love – And Mercy. That was His M.O. Is that not our call too?


~ by Stephen Baker on June 13, 2006.

3 Responses to “Where Do You Stand?”

  1. Tough issues

  2. interesting dinner discussion. I believe that the Bible teaches that all human beings carry the Imago Dei (image of God). Jesus affirmed the worth of human life by taking on the form of a man. This is central to the Christian worldview. It’s not that man is good…certainly that flies in the face of Scripture…it’s that man was created very good, but through sin is no longer capable of knowing, loving or desiring God or God’s standard of good. That’s bad news if the story was to end there. But God being rich in mercy has decreed to redeem some from every tongue, tribe, nation and people who have ever lived to the praise of His glorious grace. The human being…although completely ruined by sin…is still redeemable in the hands of an all powerful and loving God. Therefore human life…regardless of the circumstances of where it came from…is of great value to God…more than our comfort or convenience are. And if it was valuable enough to send His only Son to live, die and resurrect in order to redeem depraved humans…then as His adopted children…our view must be the same.

    Moses murdered, David murdered, Paul murdered people…all people regardless of the circumstances of their birth are capable of that depravity…yet God redeemed them all (Moses, David and Paul) and used them to bring Glory to Himself and joy to the whole world in Christ Jesus.

    Was Jesus out on the picket lines…no. Why? Simply because there were no picket lines to be out on. Did Jesus speak out publically against sin and immorality (which is really the same as standing on a picket line in our day)? All of the time…especially to those who held themselves up as the moral pillars of the community. It seems that Jesus hates hypocrisy among His people as much as He hates sin in general.

    Would Jesus be a republican or a democrat? Neither! He is an absolute Monarch and His kingdom is not of this world…neither was His cause. His cause…and the only cause that as His followers should matter to us…was/is God’s glory for the eternal joy of all peoples in Christ Jesus.

    God has told us how to live. There is an absolute moral law and God Himself has written it and declared it to be good and perfect and binding on all people. The Christian worldview must be firmly commited to the word of God. If we judge Scripture by our cultural assumptions then we have lost the power of the gospel. If we hate the culture and are not committed to it’s redemption through the gospel then we have lost our mission.

    Should God’s people attempt to be influencers within the culture? Absolutly! That’s called telling the truth. Should we use all available means witin the culture to point people to the beauty, wisdom, sovereignty and holiness of Jesus? Absolutly! That’s called relevance. Should God’s people believe God’s word and endeavor to obey it as good and perfect? Absolutly! That’s called reverence.

    I think that we have to be very careful to avoid moral relativism and pluralism. God doesn’t give us that freedom in Scripture and we certainly shouldn’t take it for ourselves. If we approach culture as a live and let live proposition…we’ll certainly be pleasing in the eyes of men, but how about in the eyes of God?

  3. Not really sure we CAN know where we stand, when suddenly it’s us and our family that is in the equation.

    But you wrote “So it [keeping the child conceived as a result of rape /incest]can be done but it would surely change the course of your life forever not to mention your marriage.” … the irony in this is having been raped / victim of abuse the course of your life has already been changed – abortion would add to it.

    Not easy at all!

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