smog test :: failed

Well it has come time to register the car. I had forgotten what a hassle it is here in California. Anyway – the family and I went out and finally found a smog place that was open on Saturday. We drove all over the place. About 30 minutes after arriving the guy testing the car came up to me and said I’m sorry but your car failed the test. Our car is fairly new so I was quite disappointed to here this. Turns out that it failed due to one sensor. The guy who owns the smog shop was super cool and said lets find out what this code means and we’ll see what we can do. He disappeard for a little while and then came back saying that the code was probably due to the fact that the gas cap had not been tightned enough when we last filled up with gas. Well I guess this code has to be erased and so he had the mechanic next store come over with this computer thing and hooked it up the car. Took about 3 min. and had the code erased. He also charged me $30 for this small fix (normaly charges $90 though! – I think I’m in the wrong business). I had to drive the car around for a bit to make sure that code wasn’t going to come back. I went back again and this time it passed but it cost me over 100 bucks just to get thecarsmoged . Seems a little steep to me. Anyway the guy that helped us out was really cool and I know he saved us money in the end. Plus I got a lot of good time just hanging out with he and his wife (they run the shop together). Turns out they are buying a new house for their kids and so……………..yeah well anyway they have my card.


~ by Stephen Baker on June 4, 2006.

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  1. pity more states and countries don’t do this actually…

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