Weird isn’t it!?  I don’t know why exactly but it’s been on my mind lately.  In fact it’s what the new album we’re writing is all about.  At least that’s what’s coming out.  “What comes after zero”.  So often I think I take forgranted life.  Everyday I wake up.  I always seem to make it home from work.  But really we’ve all got one foot in the grave.  Every year we move closer to it in a natural course of life way.  We risk it everyday by stepping into our cars and venturing out onto the streets (Especially the streets of SoCal).  And of course there are so many risks just like driving a car or flying in airplane that we just don’t think about being actual risk because we always make it home.  But the question that resurfaces for me is:  Is this it?  Do I struggle and survive just to die?  Is this really it?  

I was brought up with a goal as a constant and that was to make it to heaven.  At least that’s how I took it.  Do what it takes here to make it later.  But now I question that thinking.  I don’t question Heaven.  I believe in Heaven.  I even believe that it gets better.  It’s got to get better than all of this but what if what God intended was Heaven here now.  What if really embracing Him and what He’s done is opening those gates right here and now.  I think somehow I’m missing out on something by not seeing that. 

So when we talk about dieing to ourselves and being reborn maybe what that really needs to mean is that death is what is opening the door.  Not to heaven later but heaven now.  Maybe everlasting life also means now.  Not in a physical sense but in a spiritual one.  And again not later but starting now.  Maybe being reborn means being reborn right here in the world we live and it’s less about leaving this world behind (although maybe still a little of that too) and more of being reborn into the kingdom of God that is here right now.  I don’t think that Jesus died and rose again just to save us from some sort of hell after life.  I think it was to save us from the hell that we live here everyday. 

From the day Adam and Eve opened their eyes to the evil around them the world was forever changed.  And I don’t blame them because if it wasn’t them and it wasn’t someone after them it would have been me.  Now we are born into a world so steeped in sin that we need a heaven right here to save us.  I need something here and now otherwise I’m not real sure what it’s all for.  I think the popular bumper sticker: “He who dies with most toys wins” would be more appropriate if it were not for God’s kingdom being right here where we live and breath. 

Anyway – that’s the thoughts that are going around in my head right now. 


~ by Stephen Baker on April 18, 2006.

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