Portland, OR

We flew into PDX last night.  Smooth flight.  Colleen and I are driving up to Seattle this morning.  Her friend is getting married on Sat.  Anyway it's interesting how you can see certain things and it just starts bringing a flood memories back.  As we were coming in for the landing I could see the freeway I used to drive to work on.  I could see the wall of trees that seemed so common place only 2 years ago.  All of that brought back all of the feelings that I had back here.  All of the stories lodged somewhere in my brain that doesn't get accessed.  I don't know.  Then on the way to Colleen's parent's her dad was telling us this story.  He had offered to help some people get a couch and bed to their apt.  When he arrives at the complex he realizes that it was the complex we last lived in.  When he found the apartment it turned out to be the exact one that we had lived in.  Just hearing the story reminded me of living in that great apt. and all of the stuff that we went through there and what we learned and where we've come since!!  And then we past the skyline of Downtown Portland.  Oh how  beautiful…….not even L.A. does this to me.  That Portland sky scape is gorgeous and raw and some how pops out and speaks to you.  This city tells stories of love and of hate.  Of rebellion and passion.  Of everything that lives here and has lived here.  I don't think I have been anywhere else in the country that is like this place.  Not where the city it's self begs to be heard and it's stories seep from underneath the streets and from the trees and even the buildings.  It all has a story.  And somehow in a quiet way it demands to be heard. 


~ by Stephen Baker on April 6, 2006.

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