Red Hot :: HR 4437

Things sure have heated up here in
Southern California over this law that is being discussed in
Washington DC.  I’m not sure that I have a solid stance on it but I think what I am frustrated with is the lack of understanding that people have regarding this and the jumping to conclusions that people are doing.  Even kids in junior high are leaving class to protest. I listened to interviews with some of these kids on the radio yesterday morning and the vast majority didn’t even know why they were there. 

Is this new law a good law??  I’m not totally sold on it.  At the same time I do agree a tightening of our borders is not all together bad.  My concern is that it puts a lot of suspicion on anyone who even looks like they might be an illegal immigrant.  When we have a police in Newport and Laguna Beaches pulling people over just because their car looks old or beat up (I’ve actually heard first hand accounts of people being escorted to the city limits for no apparent reason other than a ratty car), how will this effect someone who looks like they might not have the proper papers to live and work in this country?  Might it make a large portion of our community live in a bit of fear that they may be wrongly apprehended? 

But like I said I do see the good.  Our country has been fairly lax with immigrants coming to our country and using our resources without residency.  We pay for these resources.  Things like Welfare and free health care.  They are there to help in tough times but should not be a way of life.  We all pay into them for the greater good and to help in those times of need but they are intended for all of us to pay into not just some.  This could be a completely different discussion.  What about the security of our Country.  I think we all saw on September 11th how closed our eyes had been.  Not being able to know who is living in our country does create a dangerous situation. 

These are just the thoughts that I have running around in my head.  What I do see is a lot of angry people right now.  Lots of protests.  Lots of kids leaving school to protest.  Lots of finger pointing.  Lots of misunderstanding. 

One more quick thing of note to me: Why is it that these kids are leaving school to protest?  I do think it is their right to protest if they so desire but I think there should be some sort of adult supervision and some good understanding of what they are protesting.  I've read some news reports showing that some school have rearranged schedules so they can teach the process of making laws in this country and then on to discussion about this law in-particular.  I think that's what should be happening.  Allowing our children the opportunity to know what they want to fight for and against not just letting them run the streets with their limited view of something.  Hopefully we are all learning from this experience. 

What do you guys think?


~ by Stephen Baker on March 31, 2006.

One Response to “Red Hot :: HR 4437”

  1. I agree with you. It is one of my biggest pet-peeves how people will make a stand against something and not even bother to know all the facts. Drives me crazy! That said, I have not read the law myself, so have not yet formed an opinon. I will get back to you after I have done my homework :o)

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