So – remember Hurricane Katrina? I’d kinda forgotten a little. I was reminded again last night watching Extreme Make Over : Home Edition. They were going into some of the places that were just totally destroyed and talking to the people who were working on rebuilding their lives. Some crazy stories! One man had watched his family as they were swept away and couldn’t do anything to save them. Other’s escaped but with only the clothes on their backs. One woman had just finished a 31 year repayment on her home only to have it destroyed by Katrina.

I don’t know about you but I have worries and things that I think are hard. Like job changes. Having the right clothes for the job change. The right cut of steak. These people have NOTHING. They are just happy to have a couple changes of clothes. Talk about job changes………these peoples jobs are no longer. There isn’t anywhere to work out of. And steak!?? Forget about it.

So what do we do about it? I am really struggling with this one. What can I do? Anything I can think of just seems lame and not nearly enough. One of the phrases I hear a lot on the T.V. and on little stickers stuck to people’s cars is: “you are not forgotten”. It was used for 9/11. It’s been used for the war in Iraq. And of course Katrina. But the truth is that we do forget. We don’t have to live it. I am struggling with how to respond when the pressure of my life out weighs my convictions for these people? I don’t think that’s good or OK but it is reality quite often…….you know? And it’s not just Katrina – there are so many other things that rock our communities to the core. It’s something that deserves a lot more of my though that’s for sure. I NEED to find a way to help. I still don’t have an answer but for some crazy reason this one has really got me.


~ by Stephen Baker on March 25, 2006.

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