I love my iPod

Yes it’s true.  We have finally downloaded most of our music onto the iPod.  A daunting task for sure.  One of the reasons I bought the thing was for our road trips but we haven’t been able to take one until now.  We used to carry two large books of CDs which gets very cumbersome and you end up not wanting to lug it out from where ever it’s hiding to change the CD.  It’s always a huge ordeal just to put on some new music so you get frustrated and after the 2nd or 3rd time through the CD you just shut it off.  Now my music collection resides in the palm of my hand!  Technology at it’s finest for me!!  The other cool thing is putting together playlists.  I hadn’t really started doing that until we decided we were going on this trip (oh yeah – we are going away for a week.  We are going to go and surprise my mom.  Tomorrow morning sometime there will be a knock on her door and 3 of her grandchildren will be anxiously awaiting for her to answer the door!!).  Anyway – I put a few together and it reminded me of putting mix tapes together when I was a kid.  How much better is it now!!??  It takes all of five minutes or less and I am up and rockin’.  What used to take hours of piecing the thing together making sure that you get as close to the end of the tape as possible without cutting off a song – well now it’s not even a thought.  In fact, if I wanted, I could listen to music for 70 days without interruption or repetition!! 


~ by Stephen Baker on March 7, 2006.

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