Life Update

It’s been awhile and I feel that I should update everyone on the life of the Baker’s a little bit.  It’s been a hard couple weeks with sickness.  All of us have just been laid out.  Getting better now.  This thing seems to hang on for a long time so we’ve all got the lasting effects but doing much better.  It’s good to be through the hardest part! 

Last Sunday we led worship at Mountain View Church.  We were filling in for a friend of ours.  It was really an amazing time of worship.  It was really cool to see people’s response.  They are a mid sized church or maybe even considered small to some with a 100 to 200 people I think.  It’s been awhile since we’ve led a group of that size.  We talked about God’s authorship on our lives and it seemed to go right along with everything else I’ve been pondering lately.  If God is the author then questions arise.  Like what about pain and all the other bad stuff that happens in life.  Is that His authoring too?  I don’t have any answers but it seemed for a moment we could rest and realize again that following God doesn’t mean life gets any easier or any less painful.  Somehow even through the pain it really does come back to God and His love that is unmistakable when we just let go for a moment.  What would life look like if we lived like that all the time?

Today should have been my last day at my job but things have changed once again.  It’s a long story so I won’t tell all of it right now except to say that I am staying.  It’s changing though.  I’m in the process now of becoming a loan officer for Countrywide Home Loans.  I’ll have another loan officer over me and mentoring me.  The person that I will be working with is really cool and I know I’ll learn a lot.  The scary thing is that this position is 100% commission.  So I’m praying for lots of loans coming my way!  Keep us in our prayers as we journey out into something a little unknown again.

For now that is all.      


~ by Stephen Baker on February 28, 2006.

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