2006 Grammy Awards


Yes the Grammy Awards!  U2 stole all the awards.  “How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” is a great album though.  It was definitely worthy of some awards.  The best part of it though is that Bono was seemingly very drunk.  I can picture him back stage with his famous bottle of Jack! 

The best performance of the night has to be handed to Bruce Springsteen.  He played his song “Devils & Dust”.  Amazing!  It was the classic Springsteen: One man, One guitar, and a harmonica!  Really great stuff!

I guess there always has to be a downside too.  Kelly Clarkson won “Best Pop Vocal Performance”.  What!?  Yes that’s right.  She was up against nominees: Mariah Carey, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt and Gwen Stefani.  I’m not sure what these Grammy judges were thinking but ok – let the American Idol have her day.  I guess………..

Check out all the awards at: http://www.rockonthenet.com/archive/2006/grammys.htm


~ by Stephen Baker on February 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “2006 Grammy Awards”

  1. What the #@&@%!!! Have you even listened to Kelly’s album? Have you even ever heard the song she won for? I am guessing not by your post. Because it is actually really good. And, yes, she did write a lot of the songs herself (since I know that would be one of your first critiques).

    Personally I AM actually a Bruce Springsteen fan, but I was not a fan of his performance. The song just didn’t seem to flow for me and was lacking in rhythm or something. That said, I am planning to learn to play the harmonica now.

    So that brings us to the one thing we can agree upon. Bono really did seem to be sloshed.

    Okay, so I have decided that we can still be friends, but I will be forcing you to listen to Kelly’s Breakaway cd at our next planning meeting.

  2. Sorry, Kris, I have to disagree with you here. While Kelly does have some talent(be it not my style), she really didn’t deserve to beat out Cheryl Crow and Gwen Stefani. Maybe Mariah Carey… Not to mention as a stylist I thought Kelly’s hair looked aweful(not what she was being judged on, of course), and I have seen better performances by her. She does have some talent, and definitely, she’s a very passionate singer, however, I still don’t think she should’ve gotten that grammy!

  3. Though I am a fan of Cherly and Gwen and I do, infact, own both of the cds in question as well as Kelly’s, the cd I find myself listening to the most is Kelly’s. I actually don’t remember the hair, but I will trust you on that one as the proven expert. And don’t get me started on Mariah (I am really NOT a fan)! Seems like we might agree on her atleast :o)

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