The Happiest Place On Earth

Yesterday was Colleen’s birthday!  We celebrated by going to Disneyland!  I figured out that’s it’s been just about 19 years since I was last there.  Wow has it changed!!  I guess I don’t remember a whole lot about my last trip there.  I would have been 8.  Everything is so amazing though.  I think the thing that caught my attention the most is the attention to detail.  Some of the stuff there is just so amazing right down to the littlest things.  And some of the coolest rides are the kid rides.  Makes me glad I had my kids with me so I didn’t look funny riding the funny little rides!  All in all it was a great day.  My favorite was Pirates of the Caribbean.  I remember that being my favorite as a kid but man have they upgraded that one!  Next to that was the Peter Pan ride.  Especially where you’re flying over all of the stars.  Very cool.  The other one of mention was the boat that took you through the jungle.  This one would not have been nearly as cool but we went at night when it was very dark out.  It made it awesome and the gal that was running our boat was very into it and that made it a lot of fun too.  I’ve been to other amusement parks but Disneyland makes it so that almost every ride any of our kids (including our 1 year old) could go on.  Very magical for all of us!  We didn’t get to get on all the rides (of course) but we have annual passes so we’ll be back to hit the rest very soon. 

We ended the night with a little Chambord and Cheese Cake Factory cheese cake.  Mmmmmmmm………Very good!  Happy Birthday Colleen!!!


~ by Stephen Baker on February 8, 2006.

4 Responses to “The Happiest Place On Earth”

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it was refreshing for you guys. D-land is one of our favorite places to go as a family. We should hook up for a Baker/DeVries invasion of Disneyland sometime. They’ll never know what hit ’em!

    Peace, and happy birthday, Colleen!

  2. Yes that is a great idea! They could never handle the Dutch invasion that is upon them!

  3. Can I come too?

  4. Yes – Everyone is invited!!! Just say when!!

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