The Show In Review


Happy Monday. I’m dragging a bit but that’s my own fault. Colleen and I took a night off to head out to Hollywood for a show at the Troubadour. We first stopped off at a little restaurant called Kung Pau Kitty. It’s a Chinese place with a bit of an American flare. The atmosphere was awesome. Great date spot. The food was so-so with a bit of a high price for what you get but since you’re in Hollywood you don’t really care. The service is good. The only real complaint is that 3 of the things we wanted off the menu they didn’t have. First it was the drinks we wanted to order. Then it was the appetizer. Then it was dessert. Oh well. On to the show……….

The Line Up:

We were really there to see Giant Drag. The other band to mention though is Monsters Are Waiting. Very good! Great female vocalist who belted out every song perfectly and beautifully with a band behind her that never missed a beat. Awesome!
Giant Drag is one of Colleen’s favorite right now. I like them but after the show I was pretty impressed. It’s just 2 people. Her on guitar and vocals and him on drums and a sequencer with triggers on his drums. Basically he was doing all the bass riffs while playing the drums at the same time. Pretty crazy. I’m not sure that I can really explain it. You would have to see it. Anyway – lots of respect to them for the way they make music. They did a great job live. Again never missed a beat. She would stop between songs and talk. Very low key and laid back. Even towards the end of the show she stopped to smoke a cigarette and just carried on a conversation like we were all in her living room. Pretty cool. The thing that sold it for me though was that the 2nd to last song was a cover of Wicked Games by Chris Isaac. Great cover. Totally made it their style and did it great justice. Good job to Giant Drag!


~ by Stephen Baker on January 23, 2006.

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