The start of some old questions asked again…….

So here it is – time for a new start. A new blog. My other blog will remain up for those who want to read past posts. There are plenty of very interesting events posted there. An amazing journey from Portland OR to Orange County California. What an amazing change. We didn’t realize how different our lives would become. Even down to writing a rent check. It’s the difference between saying ouch to 750 bucks to saying ouch to now over 1800 bucks. Paying nearly 3 dollars for a gallon of gas. But yeah thats just minor stuff. The change to us. The full circles I’ve had to take. The hurt and the pain of a miriad of things. And now finaly realizing that I must move from pain to grace. And once again I feel as though we are all trying to figure out exactly who it is we are. For me it’s: who am I as a husband, who am I as a father, who am I as an employee, who am I as a worship leader, and just plain who the hell am I? I think these types of questions don’t have answers that last a life time so maybe it’s good to be staring them down again. Welcome to something new! Welcome to a very honest look at who stephen is and whats next………..


~ by Stephen Baker on January 22, 2006.

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